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Our mission

Our mission is to ensure you make the most of your talent in the field of geospatial and GIS.
By building your skills and knowledge we empower you and your employer to harness key technology and deliver the best outcomes from your data.  Our aim is to ensure you

  • Understand geospatial and its potential
  • Develop your ability to access geospatial software
  • Become confident in your ability
  • Undertake analysis effectively
  • Develop your professional skills
  • Are an asset in geospatial and GIS to your employer

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Experience means we know how you learn best

We all learn differently and with our experience we ensure our courses are tailored so you learn effectively.

Layered learning structure

We carefully craft course content to build knowledge, hands-on skills and confidence. Our experience means we know what works to ensure you succeed.

Training methods

We guarantee an exceptional and thorough experience with a flexible learning path and professional guidance.

Carefully designed courses to enable you to go from Beginner to Advanced to Specialist

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clear content & learning objectives for each course
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core skills, spatial tools and analysis for different abilities

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