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Carefully crafted GIS courses for complete beginners through to competent users

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We guarantee effective learning with layered content and professional guidance

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Enhanced learning with high-quality video sessions through desktop and mobile

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Effective learning through well crafted exercises to speed up your mastery of hands-on skills

Assessment & Certificate

We will check your skills and knowledge with assessments and award you certificates for your success

Individual Courses or Course Bundles 

Available individually for flexibility or as a bundled learning path

Our learning program

Our learning pathways are structured to ensure you learn effectively by building your knowledge and hands-on skills.  With new found confidence you will be able to use spatial tools for analysis, produce effective maps and deliver results.
Explore the courses and enrol in as many as you like either individually or as a bundle.

Individual GIS training courses

GIS training course bundles

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"The course helped me to understand the processes much better and find more efficient ways of obtaining the results I wanted. It has been extremely useful in the mapping projects I have undertaken for my work."


"The combination of presentations with practical examples and step-by-step exercises using real spatial data reinforced each other without intimidating a novice like me.
Learning ArcMap has given me insight, enabling me to be an intelligent customer of emerging products, as well as identifying new opportunities for spatial analysis."


"The training is great as you can do it at your own pace. I have thoroughly enjoyed using the software and learning tips and tricks that save time and make my job easier. I didn’t think I needed to know the ins and outs of ArcGIS but now I probably couldn’t work as efficiently not knowing these!"


"I have found GIS247 to be an extremely valuable learning tool. The learning guides provided are fantastic. They’re clear, precise and easy to follow with step by step instruction to keep you on track of your learning.
I would highly recommend to anyone looking to start learning GIS.”


"Amazingly comprehensive set of training videos. Really clear instruction covering all the angles of a subject. Its been a real gamechanger for my Arcmap skills, and I'm looking forward to working through the advanced course.
Would seriously recommend this to anyone trying to push the boundaries on their ESRI skills who are not already at GIS super user level.”


"The Beginners course helped me to go from a basic understanding of GIS to be competent using the software.
The course was easy for me to understand and covered a lot of material.
I found the tutorials clear and the exercises reinforced my understanding whilst at the same time tested my ability.
I liked being able to take my time to go through the exercises, and that I can go back to to refresh my memory. ”


"I am doing the modules as I get the time. I cannot even describe how excellent the training is. The training videos are absolutely brilliant and I have relooked at the way I use my GIS. The training is very professional and done in a way that you actually learn. I would recommend anyone, even with experience, to start at the Beginners course as GIS247 actually show you the proper way in which way to use the software.”


"The GIS247 course allows me to go into greater detail than would be available from a one-off hosted training session. The course gives a clear, step by step guide to each tool learnt, covering all aspects about each. There are no time restrictions like there would be on a ’face-to-face’ training day, and so the videos last as long as they need to cover all tools in necessary detail. By doing the course online by myself it means that I can go at my own pace and go back over anything I struggle with.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience."


"Since taking the Beginners course I have used ArcGIS to create and maintain electronic spatial location records of all the Council’s land and property assets.
I have found online learning the best option for me because it’s flexible, accessible and convenient. I really like the quality of the training. The presentations are loud and clear which also makes it easy to follow. I also think that online learning will ensure I keep up to date with changes in the software to maintain a competitive edge."


"My background is in biology and project management, so unlike my more experienced colleagues I was completely new to GIS. The e-learning format allowed me to fit the training in around my other work and to add GIS elements into projects at my own pace. It also lets me go back and review the units that were most helpful.
The content and quality of the training was very good. I now have new skills which I hope to develop further, enabling me to take on more complex GIS analysis in the future."


"I found doing the exercises really beneficial, following them step by step really boosted my learning experience.
The time I've spent doing the online training was well invested, since I am now much more efficient when working with ArcGIS.”


"I've found GIS247 to be a very informative training source.  I particularly like the way the exercises are set up. In early lessons, the exercises will tell you exactly what to do with every step included. As you reach later lessons, the exercises will give you the new information you need, but only include hints on how to proceed with the tasks you have already learned. I find this challenges you to remember where each tool is located - which is much better than a system that simply tells you every step all along the way. GIS247 has given me confidence.”


“I use ArcMap daily in my job and was excited when ArcGIS Pro courses were offered by GIS247. The sections were easy to follow with very detailed instructions. What I enjoyed most about learning with GIS247 is that I can fit it into my schedule. When I had time, I listened to a tutorial or did an exercise. Also, there was no pressure to stay at a certain pace, so I could stop and take my own notes as needed. I would recommend taking the courses with GIS247."


"Although I have had experience of using GIS in the past, when starting my current position I had no experience of utilising their particular software. GIS247 offered a thorough and logical training programme, which allowed me to work at my own pace. By completing the course, I have developed a firm understanding which I utilise in my everyday work. The course has also provided me with the enthusiasm and confidence to further develop my GIS skills.”


"I used GIS247 to remind myself of Arc skills after having a break from university and a starting a job in the environmental sector which required the use of Arc for our flood defence assets. The online learning was easy to follow and could fit into my busy schedule. Although I was familiar with Arc, it was a quick reminder of the basic skills of Arc and covered a wide range of tools - which I now use a lot of. Instructions were clear and allowed me to go at my pace. I found GIS247 exactly what I needed to polish up my Arc skills.”


"The courses are well designed. The content is comprehensive and of high quality. Hands-on exercises provide an excellent method to impart skills retention on the user of GIS software application. Course instructions, organization and demos using the GIS technology are exceptionally clear and effective. The course provides a solid foundation to GIS beginners and a refresher to professional GIS users. Highly recommended."


"I was a complete beginner when I started the online Beginners course and I was unsure that I’d be able to get my head around it - but the step-by-step videos were extremely easy to follow. I certainly wasn’t expecting to earn a distinction [in the assessment], so the fact I ended up with one really demonstrates how comprehensive and user-friendly the training materials are."


"In my current role, I help to troubleshoot colleagues’ GIS issues and maintain the data used in ArcGIS. The training has been very useful in formalising skills and consequently makes helping others easier and more effective.
The exercises are easy to follow; they explain the content very well and are structured in such a way that learning is made easy."


"I found the training easy to follow and the exercises extremely useful for putting what had been learnt into practice. This online training meant I was able to work at my own pace, refer back to areas of uncertainty and help to ensure that I was able to fit the training in alongside other work priorities.
Since completing the training courses, I have been able to use our GIS software with confidence and am thoroughly pleased to have gained this geospatial skillset which will continue to support my work in the future."


"We use Arc to locate assets and plan our routes. Being able to build queries and edit data means we can tailor it very specifically to our needs.
I was unsure how these courses would fit in with my day to day workload but it was very easy to dip in and out and fit learning in around other parts of my role. Working through the courses has made me much more confident and efficient at using our GIS software."


"At the start of my career, I was self-taught on the software but GIS247’s training has shown me a range of new tools. It was easy to follow, with the options of open or close captions (I left them on!) and with exercises throughout each element of the course to ensure that everything is understood. Having had the training, analysis of spatial data is now easier and I get a lot more insight out of the intelligence products produced."


"I found the course well-structured and the combination of videos and step-through exercises very helpful. The continual build approach highlighted any errors and ensured understanding of the material. Being online enabled me to work at my own pace and set goals aligned to my availability. The benefits of a geospatial approach are now well understood within the business and my geospatial engagement has grown to become the key aspect of my work."


"I have used GIS247 to improve my skills in GIS, making me a more confident user. The training courses were really easy to follow and they provide everything you need to complete the training.
So far I have completed the Beginners and Intermediate courses and I'm hoping to complete the remaining courses as soon as I can as they really do provide some great practice, tips and guides for how to get the most out of GIS!"


"I enjoyed completing the training course, especially as I did it when I first started to work from home. I completed the training by doing a couple of modules every day for a few weeks.
I would recommend the GIS247 training course to anyone who needs to use GIS - it takes you right from the very simple things to using the programme in a variety of different, complex ways."

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