Editing with
ArcGIS Pro 3.2.x

This online ArcGIS Pro training course is designed as an add-on to the other GIS247 ArcGIS Pro courses. It is suitable for users who have been using ArcGIS Pro for a little while but want to develop their knowledge further. We do recommend that users complete at least the Starting with ArcGIS Pro course first.



Presentations + Exercises with Data


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5 Hours




ArcGIS Pro 3.2.x




5 Skills Assessments


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Our students love this course  

When I started work on a project that requires a lot of editing I realised I need to know more about the editing functions ArcGIS Pro offers and how they work.  This course has given me all the knowledge I need to ensure the data I capture and edit is clean and has topology.
I didn't realise how important that was before I took the course so its been very worthwhile.
marcus theopolis
The course exercises were incredibly beneficial in honing my spatial editing skills. They are well-structured and gave me the practice I needed to be confident in editing my own data.  By working with points, lines and polygon data and using the different specialist editing tools, I have the confidence to work independently and get it right.
A top-notch course! I recommend it to anyone who needs to edit.
william wheeler
Being able to rewatch the videos was really valuable to help me understand how the different editing options work.
And when I practiced the exercises, I knew it didn't matter if I made an error with the data as I could just start over until I got it.
I have learnt so much and it's all going to be very useful.
emily packerton

Why should I take this course?

Create New Data

Generate new datasets and learn about geodatabase types and structure, field and table management. Create point, line and polygon datasets from scratch.

Edit Existing Data

Modify spatial features and learn about vertices, stretch geometry and reshaping features. Split and merge existing features.


Learn about topology and its implementation in ArcGIS Pro. An essential topic to master to create accurate spatial datasets.

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