Intermediate Guide to ArcGIS Pro 3.2.x

This online ArcGIS Pro training course is designed to follow on from the GIS247 Starting with ArcGIS Pro course. It is also suitable for users who have been using ArcGIS Pro for a little while but want to develop their knowledge further. We do recommend that users complete our Starting with ArcGIS Pro course first.



Presentations + Exercises with Data


10 Parts
9.5 Hours




ArcGIS Pro 3.2.x




10 Skills Assessments


Certificate on Passing Course

Our students love this course  

This course was great to enable me to take my GIS skills to a new level.  The exercises were spot on to build my confidence in using the different functions and to get used to using different types of data. Receiving a certificate at the end of the course also gives me proof that I have completed it for my training record at work.
I took this course because I had a specific need to create buffers for analysis.  The section on this was particularly good and I can now make full use of this functionality and do more than I thought was possible. The other sections covered tools that are also going to be very useful too.  I'm glad I took this follow on course as it's been perfect to enable me to use ArcGIS Pro better for my project.
Before this course I didn't realise the power of joining attribute tables together and the different options.  So understanding this is going to be very useful. 
As English isn't my first language I also found the closed captions helpful to understand technical terms. I can now use my better knowledge to help colleagues at work with their projects.

Why should I take this course?

Enhanced Skills

Enhance your ArcGIS Pro skills beyond beginners level. This course presents more advanced functionality, deepening your skillset.

Spatial Data Skills

Enhanced symbology methods and options enhance your map creation skills. Feature analysis aids your understanding of your spatial data.

More Attributes

Delve into using formulas in expressions, wildcards and summarising data. Relational database techniques to bring disparate data together.

Course Assets

Course Contents

More to learn...

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