ArcGIS Pro 2.9.x

This is a comprehensive online ArcGIS Pro course that covers all the key functions of the software plus the more complex data analysis functions. The course covers creating projects, loading data, symbolising and analysis of attribute and spatial data. Labeling and layout creation is also covered. Suitable for new and experienced users.



Presentations + Exercises with Data


16 Parts
16.5 Hours


Beginners + Intermediate


ArcGIS Pro 2.9.x




16 Skills Assessments


Certificate on Passing Course

Our students love this course  

Wow! This course covered everything I need to use ArcGIS Pro for my organisation. There is a lot in it and in detail.. I really found the spatial analysis and labeling sections particularly useful for what I want to achieve with my data.
The videos were great as they show someone using the Pro app with great explanations on what options to use.  Excellent course! 
simon jeffs
I've been using ArcGIS Pro for a while and thought this course would be a good recap and highlight elements that have changed in the more recent version.  But I'm amazed at how much more confident and knowledgeable I am.  Wish I'd taken this course sooner!
This course has been incredibly comprehensive and being able to fit it in when I have time has been brilliant.  I've recapped on sections as well to make sure I understand the tools and make use of all the tips outlined.
Its definitely been worth the investment in my time as I have leapfrogged with what I'm able to achieve with Pro. My colleagues now ask me how to do things and its nice to be able to show them. 
Jasmine EVANS

Why should I take this course?

Master ArcGIS Pro

A comprehensive journey from Beginner to Master. This course combines our Starting With and Intermediate courses into an all-in-one master course.

Go Further

Gain greater understanding of ArcGIS Pro's functionality from creating maps, through symbolising data, interactivity, labeling, layouts and map series.


Go beyond visualising data and start analysing spatial relationships. Extensive use of analysis tools together with sharing functions takes your insights further.

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